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How do girls choose hats according to face shape?(Part one)

2016-12-29 13:41:45 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How do girls choose hats according to face shape?(Part one)

A hat can bring great influence to collocation.The hat is near to face,and it can improve skin color.

For integral collocation,it is core accessory,you will be more fashion if you have good collocation,

Or one careless move loses the whole game.It is difficult to wear suitable hat.For most of girls,they are not willing to try to wear.The girls who think they are not beautiful when wear a hat can try to find suitable hats.

A Guide to Hats

1.Floppy hat

Floppy hat,the material is wool or straw,this kind of shape is suitable for all kinds of face shape girls.It can help improve square face and add width of face for girls who have long face.Of course,this is the good choose of long face girls.Short face girls can wear behind.

Style key words:Gentle, elegant, feminine, fashion

Hair style collocation: hair, loose plait,curly hair.


2.Panama hat

This kind of hats,similar hats,such as Fedora hats,the gambler cap.There are many classifications.

Characteristic:medium height,crown is little sharp.medium brim.This kind of hats are suitable for all kinds of different people.Just adjust the wearing way,particularly suitable for round face and square face.Girls who are depressed in hats can make hat brim warped up slightly. Wearing aslant will make your face become long.

PS;Different hat band can be contrasted,make face long,and add the height.

Style keywords:Along with the gender, free and easy, neutral, handsome, fashion.

Hair style collocation: long hair or short hair.


3.Boater straw hats

Flat short brim and flat crown,it has high requirement to face.It is suitable for ellipse face and girls who have bang.This kind of hats are not suitable for round face girls.It is easy to show face more round and wider.

Style key words:nifty and lovely, innocence, young, sweet

Hair style collocation: short/long curly hair


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