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How do girls choose hats according to face shape?(Part two)

2017-01-02 11:35:29 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How do girls choose hats according to face shape?(Part two)

4.Baseball cap

Baseball cap only have the attribute of sports and leisure,But KENZO series can make baseball caps become very fashion.Fashion mixed collocation is attractive.This hat is welfare of round face girls.Reverse wearing will make girls very cool! Style key word:Nifty, sports, leisure, fashion Collocation hair style:all kinds of hair style.

Baseball cap


Beanie is suitable for all kinds of face,but it is not suitable for round face girl.if you make beanie flush with eyebrow,it will not be beautiful.Long face girls do not stretch the hat. Style key words:nifty and lovely, leisure and fashion Hair style collocation: all kinds of hair.


6.COSSACK& Lei feng's hat

COSSACK hats keep warm well in winter,Russia style.Similar style ,Lei feng's cap with Chinese characteristics.This kind of hats are suitable for oval face and long face.Because it will make face look short. Style Key word:noble feeling Hair style collocation: all kinds of hair.

6.COSSACK& Lei feng's hat


Berets is convenient to fold and carry.Many countries soldiers wear berets.There are all kind of different style berets,so many girls are willing to wear,so it is easy to find suitable hats. Style keywords:Restore ancient ways, ,nifty, melting, literature and art Hair style collocation:all kinds of hair style,sweet and beautiful.


In general,face length is important for hats.If length of the face is 1.5 times the width,you can try to wear flat hat,Short face girls try to wear cambered hats.A photo is enclosed for your reference. Try again, how is the best teacher.

flat hat

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