How can a baseball cap be shrunk without washing?

21-07-23 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Readed:1675

Today to introduce baseball hat how to clean will not shrink?

Conventional hand washing won't shrink a hat. Wash with lukewarm water or lukewarm water 30 degrees or so. Don't rinse it too hot, so the hat won't shrink after washing. I also sell hats. It's better to wash with soap instead of washing powder when washing a hat.

The correct washing of the general hat is:

1, if there is a cap on the ornament should be removed;

2, cleaning hats should be washed with neutral detergent, slightly soaked;

3. Scrub gently with a soft brush;

4, the inner part and the head band "part of the" multi ring contact brush several times to wash the sweat and bacteria, of course, if you select is antibacterial material? Then this step will be avoided;

5. Fold the cap into four flaps, gently shake off the water and do not use the washing machine to dehydrate;

6, the hat spread, stuffed the old towel, flat shade, avoid hanging to dry.

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